About Folder Fort

The inception of FolderFort.com was a simple one. We wanted to create a simple and secure file storage option that wasn’t expensive or overly complicated to use.

So we created FolderFort.com based on one of the most popular and widely used cloud/file manager scripts available to provide a sleek intuitive and secure interface for managing your files.

For a backbone, we are using one of the world’s leaders in cloud storage, Backblaze, to provide robust encryption, blazing fast speeds, and unlimited expansion.

The last piece is the human component. 24/7 sales and support via chat, call or email is something we feel is crucial. We do our best to make sure we are available when you need us most.

With all of this, we were able to put together a solution that we feel provides the best value to all of our customers.

So if you want to store your precious files (or maybe some old junk), then we hope you will join us here at FolderFort.com

  • Talk to you soon!
    Dave Buell